How to date your wife at home


Maybe you have children, or maybe you’re in a period of life where you and your wife are both very busy. Whatever it is, you might find it difficult to leave your home at the moment, and date nights seem totally off the table.


It can be a depressing situation, especially if you feel the romance in your relationship dwindling. It can be exhausting and seem a little hopeless. After all, if you can’t even date your wife, how will you romance her?


Well, if getting out of the house seems impossible, we have you covered. Don’t worry, it really is possible to have a romantic date night with your wife, even if you can’t leave the house.

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  1. Don’t forget flowers.
    Maybe you can swing by on your way home from work or go and pick some in the back yard. Flowers are romantic. Flowers are sexy. Women love feeling appreciated and like you thought about her. Honestly, it really is the thought that counts, so make sure you take advantage of that!
  2. Romantic dinner at home
    If you really want to impress her, then how about setting out a romantic dinner at home? Light a few candles, dim the lights and wine and dine with your partner. This is guaranteed to make her feel special and like you really care enough to make an effort. I can guarantee that she will absolutely love that, and you will win major brownie points. I highly recommend it!
  3. Love letters
    You don’t have to be a writer to pen a couple of romantic lines. Be honest, authentic and let her know that you love her. She will really appreciate this!


So, have you gotten any good ideas yet? Ready to woo your wife? Then go, enjoy yourself and make sure that you put that spark back in your life.


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