The six kinds of adult underwear

There are six different kinds of underwear that will define you as a woman. Six kinds that you need to own if you wish to add that erotic and sensual side of you to the bedroom with your partner. But what could they possibly be? Let us have a look at six of the sexiest types of lingerie underwear and why they are the best choice for your next erotic night in alone.

Of course, you can not surpass the g-string for a good time! It is plastered across films and tv shows our entire lives as the sexiest underwear to show off to our potential mates. The g-string is the closest thing to no underwear at all which is why they are so sensual and appealing to your partner. They are perfect for your tight, skimpy or revealing dresses as they will give you the least lines beneath and those that you can see act as a beacon for your significant other. You can wear them anywhere and at anytime, not to mention you are always ready to head straight to the bedroom as soon as you get home!

The thing, similar to the g-string but is slightly more coverage. They need to have the smoothest elastic beneath to avoid being seen through a pair of tight pants. If they roll up they can leave lines and more to see than you would want beneath your clothes in public. It is not for everyone to see, and also not for everyone to wear. Some women prefer underwear other than a thong of g-string as they find it can ride up or become uncomfortable during the day, but if it is just for show and short term wear then this can be a great option.

The bikini style panties are more practical but can also be sexy at times as well. They are a great everyday underwear while they also accentuate the butt and can certainly catch the eye of your man should you choose to utilize them in the bedroom!

For a form-fitting dress, briefs are a great option. They are not the sexiest of panties to some, but they have their appeal for sure. These are something that are somewhat of an acquired taste and you will know pretty soon whether they are your partners cup of tea should you change in front of them. You might get a little surprise after a long day at the office.

The boy short gives you that much more coverage and the effect of a thong when it comes to your outfit choice. They give your ass a rounder, more supple appearance unless you are lacking in that area in which case you may want to opt for a more exposed pair of panties to impress your guy.

Last but certainly not least, the French cut is a contrast between the bikini and brief type panties. They show off your legs and give that sexual 90s look that you may want to go for.

All in all, it is likely that your man will find you irresistible should you strip down to the bare essentials, but having some erotic lingerie to complete the look can take this one step further and make it a night that neither of you will ever forget.

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