Role Play Roulette

Role play is a great way to heat up things in a relationship. There are also plenty of sexy games you can play to take things to the next level. Role play Roulette adds an element of game playing and role play to any date night.

To play the game, you write down a few of your favorite role play scenarios on a piece of paper and put them into a bag. One partner pulls out a piece of paper and the scenario they choose will dictate the theme for the night.

Another way to play the game is to have both of you put your old Halloween costumes in a bag. The one each of you pulls out is the one you must wear. Then you must act out the character you are dressed up as and incorporate it into some sexy fun.

The Halloween costumes give Role Play Roulette a unique aspect because the costumes you choose may make you into characters that have nothing to do with each other. Yet you must make them work together in a way that can add an innovative element to your sexy role play.

Other types of sex games that incorporate sexy role play include Porn Karaoke where you have to recreate positions of the actors in your favorite porn. A slightly tamer version is Sex Scene where you have to recreate sex scenes from your favorite movie.

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Sexy game playing and role playing can add excitement to your relationship and it can be even more fun when the two worlds collide. What couples role play ideas help you turn things up a notch in the bedroom?

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